Calamari System is a star system is eight systems away from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. It have ten planet, include Avalon which Camelot is in orbit of.


The Calamari System was thought of being just empty space because the Calamari Nebula emit a type of radiation that basic make it a natural cloak that blind the DRADIS. So will the DRADIS seem to be working it transmitter a image of only empty space. Both the Cylon and Colonial thought that the Calamari was empty space and left it along.


Daca (Star)Edit

Mol LuxuEdit



The only Moon of Calamari.

Daca III (New Aquaria)Edit


Avalon have three moon and Camelot in it orbit.

Daca VEdit

Daca V have one moon.

Daca VIEdit

Mon EronEdit

Mon Eron have two moons

Sep EloponEdit

Sep Elopon have thirty - two moons. It the only gas giant in the system, with beaufiul rings.

Daca IXEdit

Daca XEdit


The Calamari System is a modifted of the Calmari System of Star Wars.

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