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Ancient Name: Capricorn
Star System Type: Cyrannus Star System, Helios Alpha orbit
Affiliation: United Colonies of Kobol
Primary Lifeforms: Human
Population: 4.9 billion
Planetary Perameters

Caprica is a settled planet in the Cyrannus Star System orbitting around Helios Alpha and taking Apollo as it's Patron God.


Caprica was a lush and largely undeveloped colony for centuries, though today it is home to one of the most populous, advanced and influential societies of humanity. Caprica is a liberal, representative democracy known as the 'melting pot' of the Colonies. It attracts immigrants from all corners of the four systems and its official language, Caprican, is the lingua franca of humanity. Caprica's economy is advanced and on a whole the Colony is prosperous; its citizens enjoy a very cosmopolitan life with a high standard of living in comparison to the citizens of other worlds. While Capricans are accepting of most lifestyles and heavily value freedom and equality, racism has been and remains an issue. A centre of the arts, science and technology, Caprica is also the site of the renowned Apollo University and the Delphi Museum of the Colonies along with major technology concerns and research companies.

Major cities include Delphi and Phoebus while the capital Caprica City, a coastal metropolis home to seven million people, is considered one of the greatest cities in the Colony and iconic and emblematic of the world. It is a highly developed, architecturally rich marvel of modern human society; the Government Sector, Caprica City Museum of Contempary Art and Pantheon Bridge being easy examples to the fact. Caprica hosts two Pyramid franchises; the Caprican Bucaneers and Delphi Legion, who's derby at Atlas Arena is considered one of the biggest clashes of a season regardless of how each team is doing.

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