Caprica is the capital and center planet of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.
Caprica Flag

Caprica Flag




Caprica is location in the Helios Alpha System


Caprica was the first planet settle hy human. Settle by the first tribes, it ancient name was Capricorn. With it Patrol god being Zeus.

Caprica is thought of being the center of the colonies in the areas of Education, business, art, science, culture, and government.

Caprica City is the largest cities on Caprica and the captial of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

In the orbit of Caprica is the Caprica Fleet Shipyards.

Caprica is second only in one areas, Military important, that honor go to Picon.

At the time of Operation Homecoming the population of Caprica was ten billion.

Beside Caprica City, other major cities include, Delphi, and Phoebus. Other settlement include Oxford, Oasis, and Edessa.

Their are many university on Caprica, include Zeus University, Oxford University, University of Caprica, and Caprica State University.

During the First Cylon War, the Galactica representing Caprica.

Caprica was the last colonies to sign the Article of Unification.


Caprica is a lush blue-green planet, covered by large oceans and continents; with the perfect climate. The colony had rolling hills, pleasant lakes, and deep forests.


Caprica's have two moons, Copernicus and Umbra.


Caprica's largest moon with a population of 250,000.


Caprica's second moon, it large city, is Umbra City. It have a population of 75,000.

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