The Caprica Class Light Battlestar is a class of colonial Battlestar.
Caprica Class Light Battlestar

Battlestar Caprica, lead ship of it class


The original design to fill the need of a Light Battlestar, the Caprica Class Light Battlestar was built 25 BTF and ended up been thought of as a failed. However it did lead to the Valkryie Class Light Battlestar.

Of the original twelve planned, only nine were completed. The large problem with the Caprica is the lack of air wings. It only has an air wing of 40 Vipers, 10 Raptors. However this lead to the creation of the rapid fire launch tubes seen on the Valkyrie; to increase the size of the air wings.

List of CapricaEdit

Caprica: Service till 6 BTF when it was decommissioned. Caprica fate remaning unknown.

Canceron: Decommissioning - Scrapped:

Picon: Decommissioning - Scrapped

Tauron: Decommissioning - Scrapped

Aerilon: Decommissioning - Scrapped

Aquaria: Decommissioning - Weapons Test

Scorpia: Decommissioning - Scrapped

Virgon: Decommissioning - Weapons Test

Leonis: Decommissioning - Scrapped

Libran: Canceled

Gemenon: Canceled

Sagittaron: Canceled


Image is created by CanisD.

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