Caprican Vipers

The most popular Viper design in the Cyrannus System before the Cylon War (typically referred to as the Caprican Viper and afterwards as the pre-War Viper) was in service with most individual Fleets of the Colonies, in considerable number, at the start of the War. Designed and first adopted by Caprica, it was later sold to the Governments of Scorpia, Canceron, Picon, Gemenon and contentiously to the regime of Andreas Phaulkon on Tauron. A technologically sophisticated atmospheric fighter that relied on its missile armament as much as its guns, it was quickly superseded by newer models and relegated to a training role. Most early aces of the Cylon War were pre-War Viper pilots transferred over to space-worthy models. The doctrines of use, and schools of thoughts around the Caprican Viper and it's short comings inspired development of later Viper models and the Raider design.

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