Carl Tolan is a character from Dimension Five, he appeared in The Devil You Know and is a major background character. Carl is the father of Lydia Zeresi (nee Tolan), and grandfather of Andrew and Scott Tolan.
Carl Tolan

Carl Tolan


Carl Tolen was born on Canceron and after created the Basileus Crime Syndicate he changed his last name to Tolan.

The Devil You KnowEdit

Carl main appearing is in the First Cylon War story's The Devil You Know. Where Fleet Admiral Stryker attempt to get his and the Basileus help in order to fight the Cylon.

Global DefenseEdit

Carl appeared in the Global Defense story, Out of Town Visitors.


Carl had at least one daughter, name Lydia, a son name Henry and as least two grandson, Andrew and Scott. Carl also had three grandchildren, Lisa, Henry, and Andrew.

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