The Hades Class Basestar Mark IA was the first Cylon Basestar.

The Hades Class Basestar Mark IA came officailly into serviced 52.5 years before Operation Homecoming. It was original manly by Centurion Model 005 and equipped with Raider Mark I . It was original designs and construction by Graystone Industries for the the Centurion Model 005 as it took more and more of the military roles away from Human. Graystone Industries launches the prototype six months before the out break of the Cylon War. Unknown to them, it was the final piece of the puzzle for the Cylon Revolt to occur. First Variant

Hades Class Basestar Mark IA

It equipped with four top landing bay and four bottom landing bay because it was original design to act as a evacuation ship. It is arms with both anti-fighter and anti-ship railguns. However it primary weapons beside it air wings, is it missile, ranging from anti-fighter missile to heavy anti-ship missile. The design who go on to serviced for the length of the Cylon War. However construction of Mark IA stop in the four years of the war, as the Cylon favored the Hades Class Basestar Mark IB

The Cylon name their classes of warship but not individual ship. Their was one hundred and twenty-six of the Mark IA construction before the Mark IB came into serviced. After Basestar Basestar 127, Basestar was equipped with a letter at the end to different them from the Mark IB.

Hades Class Basestar Mark IB

Design by the Centurions and base on the Mark IA. The primary different between the Mark IA and Mark IB is that the B is equipped with five landing bays instead of four. It is equipped with Raider Mark II II and Mark III .

The basestars in service during the 12-year Cylon War consisted of two flattened cones connected at the center by a thick pylon, giving them a conical saucer-like appearance. Much like its modern counterpart, this model utilized chemically-propelled missiles (with both nuclear and conventional warheads) as the main form of offensive weaponry. Raiders were deployed from access points (totaling 8 in number) throughout a basestar's hull to provide defense. This design, as with later iterations, was capable of operating within an atmosphere (Blood and Chrome).

During Operation Raptor Talon, the battlestar Columbia was destroyed by basestar missiles and Raider attacks as Galactica and another unnamed battlestar pressed their assaults.

The origins of the initial basestars are unclear. However, as Cylons were a creation of manin the early days before the war, it is probable that man himself (through the efforts of various colonies) designed the various ships and weapons used by the Cylons for the use in intra-colonial wars prior to the Articles of Colonization.

Second Variant

A second variant Basestar was deployed by Cylon forces sometime before the 10th year of the War. This class represents a small evolutionary step from the 1st variant to the Guardian Basestar, suggesting it wasn't a one-off design. This line of Basestars can then be linked to the modern design seen after the fall of the Colonies.This configuration features two y-shaped hulls in tandem alignment, with a 1st variant-like top and bottom hull ("Blood and Chrome").

Although the main offensive armament of this variant is still its missile launchers, the ship also possesses numerous point defense cannons, which are used by one such ship in a failed attempt to deter the attacking Osiris's kamikaze run.

Third "Guardian" Variant

Towards the end of the first Cylon War, the Cylons built a prototype basestar that had roughly the same shape as the modern basestar. The first hybrids were developed for use with this model.It is explained by Athena that a group of Centurions calling themselves Guardians fractured from the Cylon majority with such a basestar. The belief is that they escaped to the far reaches of space to avoid being shut-down in favor of their modernized, non-sentient successors ("Razor"). The only basestar of this type known to exist was destroyed by Colonial forces shortly after its discovery. Hades Class Basestar Mark IIа

The modern basestars, seen some 40 years after the end of the Cylon War, are approximately the same size as a Colonial battlestar but appear to be more technologically advanced. The shape of the newer basestar reflects its name, with two Y-shaped hulls attached at their centers by a single pylon, the warship has a distinctive "star" shape.

They are equipped with a superior jump system and no visible means of sublight propulsion, lacking any engine pods or nacelles, but remain capable of chasing down a battlestar ("Exodus, Part II"). They can rotate their upper and lower halves into a tandem-Y configuration for entry into a planetary atmosphere ("The Plan").Basestars operate a fleet of small fighters, known as Raiders, and are capable of deploying hundreds of these ships simultaneously. The enormous number of Raiders serves as a basestar's primary defense system.

Like the Raiders, the basestars are partially organic, which is particularly evident in their landing bays ("Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II"). When severely damaged, they can sustain large, fleshy "wounds" ("Faith"). Moreover, Natalie mentions that their damaged baseship can heal itself (TRS: "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?").

The baseships possess several conventional rooms and hallways, which are sleek but generally bland. Lighting plays a large role in the aesthetics and some rooms are furnished with clearly human objects, such as beds and couches. Humanoid Cylons project different surroundings to navigate ship corridors more easily, and to provide them with an individually pleasing environment (such as a lush forest). Data and other functions (such as analyzing visual information) are handled within a liquid computer interface that resembles a stream of water flowing over a luminous glass surface. Cylons can interact with the main computer by placing their hands in these basins ("Torn").

A basestar is capable of launching conventional or nuclear missiles from 220 turret launchers mounted throughout the arms and central axis  that pivot to allow the basestar to fire in any direction. Basestar-launched nuclear strikes against Colonial ships are usually carried out before Raider deployment. One example of a Cylon nuclear attack involved three Cylon basestars that ambush the battlestar Pegasus. They open their attack firing several nuclear missiles before deploying Raiders and switching to a non-nuclear salvo ("The Captain's Hand"). After the Colonial commanders draw away their Raider wings, two basestars are torn apart by the kinetic guns of the battlestars Pegasus and Galactica in a joint mission to destroy a Cylon Resurrection Ship. It would seem that that basestars rely heavily on their Raiders for close-range gun defense. Since a basestar does not appear to have point-defense batteries, or heavy armoring, it seems quite vulnerable to battlestars in close-range combat when fighter support is not prominent ("Resurrection Ship, Part II").

A basestar's complement of Raiders is estimated as high as 792 fighters, not counting fighters in repair or otherwise off-line. It should be noted that there are a total of 864 Raider launch slots on the arms of a pre-retconned Basestar.

 In comparison, the retconned Basestar has only 434 Raider launch slots, a dramatic decrease from the previous version.

Hades Class Basestar Mark IIb

Heavily armored model.Put into production after the defeat of Resurrection Ship.

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