"My species may be dying, but I can promise you it'll live just long enough to see yours obliterated, if only for that long."

-Admiral Huxton to a cylon prisoner.

The Long WarEdit

The Long War is a fanfiction set during and after the fall of the Twelve Colonies. It follows Commander Adriatic Huxton and the current total of eighty thousand military and civillian survivors in their fleet, collectively named the Colonial Remnant. As the survivors have not been pointed towards earth, they believe they have nowhere to run to to hide from the cylons. As a result, they choose to continue fighting the cylons for vengeance for everything they lost. It can be found here

Episode GuideEdit

Season One: Of Light and DarknessEdit

Episode One: The Fall

Episode Two: Lions and Lambs

Episode Three: The Drums of War

Episode Four: The Ice Planet

Episode Five: Crosshairs 

Episode 6: Stand with me

Episode 7: Ends of the Universe

Episode 8: Salvage

Episode 9: Bread and Water

Episode 10: And Sometimes the Fear

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