Dimension Twenty One is a multiverse setting influenced heavily by 'New Cap City' and 'Dieselpunk'. It imagines a Colonial exodus made possible by the Lords of Kobol to Earth. The resulting confusion is only compounded by the arrival of rebellious clankers; the brutal and cunning Cylons.


Ten Years Previous - Man created the Cylons, they rebelled

War was waged between the armies of men and the Cylon armies. Modern warfare was redefined, mass production, conscription and horrendously costly battles decided by air superiority characterised the conflict. Armoured airships, piston fighters and air aces carried the war. Attrition, heavy bombing, weariness wittled down the nations of man until they sought peace. The Cylons chose the skies above Cimtar, known for their layered clouds and storms as the setting for talks. Man obliged. A Grand peace fleet was assembled and it headed for Cimtar. Once their it was set-upon by Cylon fighter bombers, a new weapon was concurrently unleashed by the automatons; a super bomb! The nations of man were devastated by numerous super bombs while their hope for peace at Cimtar proved a terrible ambush. The Lords of Kobol, outraged by this treacherous act delivered survivors from the heavens to a mystical last refuge...

"Present day" - The Thirtheenth tribe meets its cousins. A great refugee fleet takes to the skies of the world. They bring confusion with them and the tantalising, fearful realisation of a world beyond the one we know...

Earth, the Great Depression and Wall Street collapse have given way to economic recovery. America has a New Deal but across the sea their is anxiety in Europe... a new arms race, war in East Asia and aggressive powers are gathering their strength. Into this world comes fanciful reports. Lights across the sky! Flying ships! UFOs! They call themselves Colonials, they are men and women cut of a similar cloth but 'gods fearing', troubled and well armed. They are assembling over the midwest of America, have already claimed vast swathes of land in which they are settling their ships down, fortifying and taking stock. The US Army is preparing to make a foray into these areas to allow Immigration, Customs and Federal Officals to establish order. Though the world is taken by the these 'tribes from the air' it is on the brink of war on its own and this great shock could be enough to tip it into chaos...

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