The second model of the Centurion is the civilian counterpart to the Centurion Model 001
Centurion Model 002

Centurion Model 002


Created about a year after the Centurion Model 001, the Centuron Model 002 serviced as the primary civilian modeling.


Their are only variant of the Centurion Model 002 and that is the 002L. This is because of the 002 can be easier modifted to suit any needs.
Centurion Model 002L

Centurion Model 002L

Cylon WarEdit

During the Cylon War, the 002 would be used as the primary labor force of the Cylon. They construction base, basestar, raider, and did the mining for the Cylon.


Images are created by CanisD.

While both the Model 002 and 002L are canon seen in the last moment of Caprica, their Model Number are not.

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