The Centurion Model 004 is the forth model of the Centurion.
Centurion Model 004

Centurion Model 004 (Blue Eye)


After the failure of the 003, the 004 was rushes into serviced, fifty-four years before the fall. 1946 on the Colonial Calander.

Nicknamed Blue Eye by the Colonial. The 004 went back to the 001 model line. It did however maintain the two guns that the 003 has just with a durm maganize.


Graystone Industries has construction the first quota off from Caprica to save money and while they retool their primary factory on Caprica. However during the shipment of the 004 to Caprica the ships disappeared. It was conlusion that the 004 disappeared was cause by human-error leading tot he development of the 005 and 005P.

At the same time, an explosion at the factory on Ganymede lef Graystone Industries without their secondary factories.


The 004 actual cause the ship to disappeared because the 004 was 1: Unwilling to fight a war with the human; which they saw as coming. 2: Most of the 004 belief in the Lords of Kobol and not the single-loving gods. 3: Those 004 who was Pacifism or Athiest. Face with this, the 004 decide to takeover the ship and cause a blink jump. However a mistake during the jump, causing 004 sleep mode to be actived. They remaining, asleep for almost 50 years when Colonial Arthur Wallace, discoverd them still inasleep over Avalon. After awaking them, The 004 allies themself with Arthur and constuction Camelot for him.

Second Cylon WarEdit

Because of their alliance with Arthur, the 004 saw heavy combat during the Second Cylon War. However they also has conflict with Cyrus and his Cylon plus Zoe Graystone and her U-87. Depsite this, the 004 remaing loyal to Arthur.

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