The Cerus-subclass battlestar was a unique subclass of the Valkyrie-class battlestar. Cerus had been the fourth Valkyrie-class battlestar commissioned into the Fleet during the First Cylon War, not long after her sister ship Valkyrie. Cerus, however, sported a modified armament.

BS Sigurd Size2

Image Credit CanisD

The Cerus-subclass battlestar, unlike her sister ship Valkyrie, sported thirty eigh ship-to-ship missile batteries instead of thirty two heavy dual mounted kinetic turrets, twenty medium dual mounted kinetic turrets, and exactly two hundred and forty kinetic point-defense weapons spread across the ship. Cerus was also a longer variant of the Valkyrie, the only one of the subclass. Officially, Cerus was classified as a Cerus-subclass battlestar. Her hull, compared to the 971 meter long standard Valkyrie-class, was one thousand and fifty three meters long and two hundred and seventy five meters wide. The ship held, at peacetime complement, four squadrons of twenty Viper Mark VII's and a single squadron of fifteen Raptor shuttles. In wartime, however, the Cerus-subclass could carry up to seven squadrons of twenty Vipers.

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