The Chameleon Class Medium Cruiser is an Earth Defense Coalition, EDC.
Chameleon Class Medium Cruiser

Chameleon Class Medium Cruiser


Design by the Thirteen tribes a numbers of years after settled on the Earth. The Chameleon Class Medium Cruiser is 1/3 - scout ship, 1/3 - escort, and 1/3 - strike craft.

The Chameleon Class Medium Cruiser are numbers not names.

It the first ship encouter form Earth, when it save a battlestar from a Cylon attack.


The Chameleon technology is state of the art by Earth standard.

It is equipped with a variety of stealth systems to reduce it DRADIS size, include DRADIS jammering equipment in the wings. It also equipped with technology to limited infrared including a liquid crystal skin coating to help it blending in.

It equipped with armor that reflected light back, so it can blend into any enviromental include the darkness of space. However this required it to has no color, and limited detail.

It can operate both in space, and air. The EDC used it to strike ground target and becuase it can blend it, it can hit the target before the enemy know it coming/there.

It arms with seven railguns and a small hanger bay.

Like all Earth base craft it has a organic look to it.

Because of it lack of color, the Colonial nicknamed them the Whitestar.


Image is created by CanisD.

The Chameleon Class Medium Cruiser is base on the Whitestar from Babylon 5.

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