Chelsea Ware is a character from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious (Series).


Chelsea Ware was born into a family where military service ran deep in its roots. She is the daughter of Rear Admiral Lewis Ware as well as the granddaughter of Admiral Gary Ware, a Viper pilot who made a name for himself during the Cylon War. Chelsea was born twenty - two years before the fall in Caprica City. When she had graduated from Clarence Bronson High School she followed in the family tradition of attending Abry Military Academy.

Instead of learning gunnery like her father she took up Vipers and became noted for having a natural feel for flying. When she graduated from Abry she was assigned to the Orion class battlestar Stryker. Her family shared her amusement at her posting, Fleet Admiral Jonas Stryker particuarly cared for Gary Ware, and the irony of the situation was not lost on those in the Ware family.

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