Chiara Wallace (nee Caivano) is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). She was born on Gemenon 25 years BTF and have one daughter name Emma who is four years old. She is Arthur third wives.


Chiara Caivano was born on Gemenon and like most Gemenon have they religion belief. Because of her looks and the poor colonies she was born into she was going to be sold into the human trafficking however faith have other planned. The ship she was on would board by Colonial Marine from the Battlestar Valkyrie seven years before the fall. This commanding officer was Commander William Adama. During her time on the Valkyrie she meet Captain Arthur Wallace who unllike most of the crew didn't turns away for her once they learn she was from Gemenon.

Relationship with Arthur

After meeting Arthur on the Valkyrie she was impression by him and kept into touch. Shortly before Arthur was transer to the Banshee, him and Chiara went out on a date. During Arthur's time on the Banshee, Chiara meet Arthur other two wives and the dual quick became a trio much to the happiness of Arthur. Chiara and Arthur would be marry six years before the fall and two years later welcome Emma they daughter.


Chiara is the nicety person you will ever meet. Because she is from Gemenon she share those religion belief but the event in her live and time with Arthur have reenforce her belief in the Gods even those she question human behavior.


Images is base on a friend of Allen Knott please don't used it unless you have Allen Knott's permission.

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