Christopher Alonzo

Chris Alonzo

Chris Alonzo is a characters in Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious.

Volume One: Those Left BehindEdit

Chris is the son of Hector and Gloria Alonzo, with a little sister name Louise. Chris attempt to sleep with Jamie Hamilton result in her kneeing him in his groin. Chris is also force to join Colonial Fleet by his father. Chris is at first doing every thing to get throw out of the Colonial Fleet but when Rear. Adm. Tyrone Carter get involve, Chris start to shape up.

Volume Two: The Return HomeEdit

In Volume Two, Chris started up a friendship with Lacey Tolan. He also have to deal with his father, Hector, been a traitor. Chris attempt to shows people that him and his father are difference. When Chris and his family are taking "guest" by the Cylon. Chris is torture by a Number Three. While he didn't given up any information, Chris did take a beaten. While recovering from his injury on the Solace, Lacey Tolan come to visit him and they share their first kiss.

Volume Three: Honor and DutyEdit

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