Christopher England is a character that appears in the Global Defense story 'Out of Town Visitors'. He is an officer with the Canceron Global Police and is assigned to the Canceron Embassy located in Caprica City.

With the arrest of Saranna Preece, a native of Canceron, England comes into contact with GDD Agents Jack Bowman and Claire Ratliff. Due to Carl Tolan's attempt to silence Preece and Maurice Gordon before either can reveal his involvement, England is placed on a short list of people targeted for assassination.

England was born on Canceron in the city of Noa, and at the time of 'Out of Town Visitors' is thirty-seven. At the age of eighteen, upon graduating from John T. Garrow High School, England enlisted in the Canceron Army. After serving for two years he was selected for training in the Special Forces. He would eventually be assigned to Special Forces Division 20, the Argonauts.

It was during his time with the Argonauts that the group would be tasked with rescuing a group of hostages taken by the Basileus. The hostages were a mix of members of various prominent families on Canceron, and a rescue mission was planned that would involve Division 20 launching a raid on the Basileus' facility in the Drameagon Desert. Somehow the Basileus were tipped off to the raid and most of Division 20 did not make it out alive. England suffered several wounds but managed to escape.

Tolan discovered England's identity and decided to punish the man by ordering the murder of England's fiance. This murder pushed England to leave the Army and take up a job with the Canceron Global Police, with a vow that one day he would take down both Carl Tolan and the Basileus.

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