Classification System is a the Colonial Navy system of deterination vessel.


Primary WarshipEdit

Warstar and Battlestar

Secondary WarshipEdit

Gunstar, Strikestar, Carrier, Battleship, Battlecruiser

Escort WarshipEdit

Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Destroyer, Corvette

Patrol WarshipEdit

Auxiliary VesselEdit

Stealth VesselEdit

Battlestar ClassificationEdit

Super Heavy BattlestarEdit

The most powerful Battlestar.

Heavy BattlestarEdit

The second most powerful Battlestar, same as a Command Battlestar expect it lack the extra command facuility.

Command BattlestarEdit

Same as Heavy Battlestar, expect for added command facuility.


The larger category

Light BattlestarEdit

Escort BattlestarEdit

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