The Cobra Class Viper is a Colonial Fighter.


Originally developed during the Cylon War as a prototype to the Starhound Class Viper Mark I. The Mark I would end up being redesigned leaving the prototype fighter outdated. However, the prototype test vehicle would end up going into production as the Cobra Class Viper but for its entire career would be overshadowed by the Starhound Class Viper.

It was used for ground based units as well as a support fighter. While not as a effective as the Viper in space it was superior to the Viper in planetary atmosphere.

Cobra Mark IEdit

Cobra Class Viper Mark I

Cobra Class Mark I Viper

Cobra Mark IIEdit

Cobra Class Viper Mark II

Cobra Class Viper Mark II


Image is created by CanisD. The Cobra is base on the Earth Fighter from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

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