Colonial Calendar is the measurement of time in Colonial society.

Days of WeekEdit

Modern Name (Anicent Name)

Monday (Lunae)

Tuesday (Martis)

Wednesday (Mercurii)

Thursday (Jovis)

Friday (Veneris)

Saturday (Saturni)

Sunday (Solis)


Ianuarius (January)

Februarius (February)

Martius (March)

Aprilus (April)

Maius (May)

Iunius, also known as Junius (June)

Quintilis (July)

Sextilis (August)

September (September)

October (October)

November (November)

December (December)


Year, are in YR or Y, they counted up from the years since the exodus from Kobol.

Y 0 Exodus from Kobol

Y 1948 Cylon Revolt/Cylon War Started

Y 1960 Cylon War End

Y 2000 Cylon attacl (Operation Homecoming/Operation Downfall)


Quintilis 5, 2000 Operation Homecoming/Operation Downfall (D8)

Quintilis 5, 2000 Cylon attack

Quintilis 5, 1948 Colonial Day

Ianuarius 5, 1948 or 52.5 BTF Cylon Revolt

Quintilis 13 Arthur Wallace's birth days (D5/D8)

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