Hall of Honor

Colonial Fleet Aviation Hall of Honor

The Colonial Fleet Aviation Hall of Honor, located at the Jonas I. Stryker Museum in Nicopolis, Picon, recognizes individuals "who by their actions or achievements made outstanding contributions to Naval Aviation." Since its inception Thirty-two Years BTF, the Hall of Honor has enshrined 80 people representing every element of the aviation family: Colonial Fleet, Colonial Marine Corps, Colonial Planetary Guard, Civilian and every naval aviation warfare community. Selectees are chosen by a board appointed by the Director, Air Warfare Division, Office of the Chief of Fleet Operations, sponsor of the Hall of Honor, and approved by the Chief of Fleet Operations. All inductee must be retire for five years before they can be inducted into the Hall of Honor.


Inductee Year Inducted
Fleet ADM Jonas I. Stryker, CF 32 BTF
CDR Jason Wolfe, CF 32 BTF
RADM Gerard Mitchell, CF 32 BTF
LtCol Jamaal Sherman, CMC 32 BTF
Mr. Walter Haraden, Civilian 32 BTF
LCOL Wade Roberson, CF 32 BTF
Mrs. Carrie Glover, Civilian 32 BTF
CDR Brian Sears, CF 31 BTF
RADM Kaylin Lanier, CF 31BTF
RADM Albert E. Woodward, CF 31 BTF
CAPT Harold C. Richardson, CF 31 BTF
Fleet ADM Gary Ware, CF 31 BTF
Gen Roy W. Miller, CMC 30 BTF
Mr. Frank Moreau, Civilian 30 BTF
ADM Kevin A. McDougal, CF 30 BTF
ADM Calvin Powell, CF 30 BTF
VADM Dorian Stein, CF 30 BTF
CDR Tracey Noble, CPG 29 BTF
VADM George R. Carnac, CF 29 BTF
Mr. Rayford T. Conner, Civilian 29 BTF
ADM Marcel A. Cervantes, CF 29 BTF
CAPT Aline Barrera, CF 29 BTF
MGen Marissa Maxwell, CMC 29 BTF
Fleet ADM John A. Kronus, CF 29 BTF
Mrs. Shanna Fulton, Civilian 28 BTF
RADM Abram Osborne, CFR 28 BTF
CAPT Rico E. Marquez, CPG 28 BTF
VADM Robert B. Vallette, CF 28 BTF
GSGT Maurice S. Bradley, CMCR 28 BTF
VADM Leslie M. Deeds, CF 28 BTF
CAPT Edward P. Diamond, CF 27 BTF
Dr. Norman C. Daventry, Civilian 27 BTF
CAPT Neville Fletcher, CF 27 BTF
GEN Rasim B. Haidar, CMC 27 BTF
ADM Marvyn C. Spence, CF 27 BTF
ADM Walter F. Tames, CF 27 BTF
CAPT Edward J. Thornhill, CPG 26 BTF
CAPT William E. Traynor, CF 26 BTF
ADM Ernest R. Williams, CF 26 BTF
RADM Robert W. Bush, CF 26 BTF
Mr. Edwin C. Ashton, Civilian 26 BTF
Mrs. Latasha J. Miller, Civilian 25 BTF
VADM Norman C. Banister, CF 25 BTF
ADM Andrew T. Beal, CF 25 BTF
LT Stephanie M. Arnold, CF 25 BTF
VADM Aali T. Zaid, CF 23 BTF
Mr. Donald R. Berry, Civilian 23 BTF
COL Nadine Johnston, CMC 23 BTF
BGEN Alezander H. Smith, CMC 21 BTF
CAPT Lena Wade, CF 21 BTF
ADM William T. Acland, CF 20 BTF
ADM Apollo Soucek, CF 20 BTF
RADM Charles G. McGrath, CF 17 BTF
Mr. Eric Bowden, Civilian 17 BTF
GEN Frederick T. A. Golby, CMC 17 BTF
ADM Walter S. Cross, CF 17 BTF
VADM Julian Marcus, CF 15 BTF
ADM Basil P. Wingfield, CF 15 BTF
Mr. John B. Womersley, Civilian 15 BTF
Gen Stanley C. Withers, CMC 15 BTF
VADM Wilfred W. Barrett, CF 12 BTF
CAPT Jenna Foster, CF 12 BTF
Fleet ADM Thomas C. Hood, CF 12 BTF
ADM John F. Sitkauskas, CF 12 BTF
CAPT Asa W. Gwinn, CF 10 BTF
LtCol Rufus C. Cook, CMC 10 BTF
ADM Vicente A. Cruz, CF 10 BTF
VADM Adriana C. Carver, CF 10 BTF
VADM Pascual S. Acompanado, CF 8 BTF
Quorum of Twelve Representative Cadoc W. Rheinallt, Col, CMC 8 BTF
VADM John C. Waldron, CF 8 BTF
CAPT Sheryl Robbins, CF 5 BTF
VADM Edward H. Seymour, CF 5 BTF
ADM James C Whitehead III, CF 5 BTF
CAPT Sharlene Jensen, CF 5 BTF
CDR Salvatore Di Raimondo, CPG 5 BTF
BGEN Mario E. Moriani, CMC 4 BTF
CAPT Irene A. Roberts, CF 4 BTF
CAPT Kevin R. Hawkins, CF 4 BTF
ADM Frederick P. Campbell CF 4 BTF
LtCol Alfred J. Croker, CMC 4 BTF
RADM Walter N. T. Beckett, CF 3 BTF
RADM Charles G. Bird, CF 3 BTF
CAPT Kathleen A. Pennington, CF 3 BTF
LGen Harold L. Brightman, CMC 1 BTF
Mr. Randolph D. Strickland, Civilian 1 BTF
VADM Reginald R. Cardwell CF 1 BTF

CAPT Kaleo I. Anakoni, CF


Special Inductess:

At the request of Fleet Admiral Stryker two special inductess have been inducted into the Hall of Honor:

Commander Alan Wallace, AF 32 BTF

Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Bowman, CF 9 BTF

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