Colonial Marine Corps
Affiliation: Union of the 12 Colonies
Commanding Navy/Military: Colonial Fleet
Capitol City: Caprica City
Central/Main Species: Human
Current Members/Soldiers: Posssibly several 100,000 (BTF)

Several 100's (ATF)

For the WSG Equivalent of this organization see Imperial Colonial Marine Corps

The Colonial Marine Corps is the branch of the Colonial Forces tasked with ground combat operations and ship-board security. However unlike standard US Marines the Colonial Marines Essentially act as a highly trained and well armed police force within the Colonial Fleet with only acting as a heavy combat unit only in occurrences of Cylon incursion.

History Edit

Colonial Marine Corps (Battlestar Leonidas's Universe)Edit

In the Battlestar Leonidas's Univese the Colonial Marine Corps is part of the Colonial Navy which is branch of the Colonial Military. However even those its part of the Colonial Navy it used the Colonial Army ranks.

External Links Edit

Colonial Marine Corps Battlestar Wiki article.

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