Caprica Stadium

Standard Pyramid Stadium

The Colonial Pyramid Association is responisble for organizing and regulating professional Pyramid matches between regional and Colonial teams. They are headquartered in Medea City on Libran. Their primary function is to manage the games and ensure that the rules are adhered to. More often than not a team challenges a specific decision made by the Association and when this happens an Independant Complaints Commission subordinate to the Libran Federal (Civil) Courts presides over the subsequent hearing before making a ruling.

Colonial TeamsEdit

Aerilon Arsenal / Aquaria Falcons / Caprica Buccaneers / Canceron Bulldogs / Gemenon United / Leonis Lions /

Libran Lazers / Picon Panthers / Sagitarron Rangers / Scorpia Saracens / Tauron Bulls / Virgon Vampires


The CPA have a number of tournaments that it runs among them are;

The Pyramid ChampionshipEdit

This is an inter-colonial championship played by all twelve Colonial teams. It is held on a bi-annual basis. More often than not the final match is between the Caprica Buccaneers and the Picon Panthers, the richest teams in the game, but on several occasions some of the other teams have pulled off a surprise win.

The Zeus CupEdit

This is a championship held annually for the Colonies orbiting the gas giant Zeus - Leonis, Picon and Scorpia.


(With the exception of the Caprica Buccaneers and the Picon Panthers all other team names are purely fan-based and should not be treated as official).

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