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Insignia of the Colonial Remnant Force.

The Colonial Remnant Force, or CRF, is the combined military components of the Remnant Fleet. Under the overall command Admiral Axel Nikitas, the CRF consists of the Colonial Remnant Naval Force, the Colonial Remnant Aerospace Force, and the Colonial Remnant Ground Force.

The CRNF consists of 11 ships. The Flagship of the fleet is the Olduvai-subclass battlestar Atromitos with an estimated crew of 1,800 and a viper complement of 100 fighters. The other ships in the fleet include:

Erebus (Sobek-class battlestar) Estimated Crew - 1,100

Atlas (Valkyrie-class battlestar) Estimated Crew - 900

Lapithes (Tethys-class battlestar) Estimated Crew - 725

Centauraus (Tethys-class escort battlestar) Estimated Crew - 675

Nemesis (Columbia-class battleship) Estimated Crew - 880

Pollux (Bezerk-class cruiser) Estimated Crew - 800

Charger (Bezerk-class cruiser) Estimated Crew - 700

Intrepidous (Oscar-class police frigate) Estimated Crew - 400

Iustitia (Oscar-class police frigate) Estimated Crew - 350

Vigilum (Oscar-class police frigate) Estimated Crew - 370

The CRAF consists of many vipers and raptors and are the combined fighter/reconnaissance force of the CNRF. Under the command of Major Adrian "Blackjack" Eriksson.

The CRGF consists of the combined ground/marine forces of the former Colonial Military. Colonial Marines, Colonial Army, Colonial Naval Security Forces, and even some Colonial Air Force special forces have all merged into one combined force. There is one ship in the Colonial Remnant Ground Force, a former prison ship utilized by the CRGF as an assault ship. The CRGF is under the command of former Colonial Army member Major William Onder.

Forlorn Hope (Detention-class prison ship) Estimated Crew - 350

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