Rescue Raptor Colonial Fleet

Colonial Fleet Rescue Raptor

Rescue Raptors are derivatives of the proven Colonial Raptor optimized for CASEVAC and MEDEVAC. Much of their electronic warfare package have been removed to make place for additional rescue equipment such as a winch that extends through the ventral hatch. They have advanced communication suites that help them locate emergency beacons even against heavy stellar and other background noise.

Rescue Raptors are operated by both Colonial Fleet Rescue and civilian
Virgon Rescue Raptor

Virgon Rescue Raptor

rescue agencies such as the Virgon Emergency Services. The Colonial Fleet examples are painted in a red/white colour scheme to distinguish them from civilian operated examples. Colonial Fleet Rescue tends to concentrate on spaceborne rescue operations while the civilian operators concentrate operations within their own colonies however during major emergencies both groups often work together.

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