Colonial Scimitar Marine Gunship

Colonial CAS Gunship


The Colonial Scimitar gunship is a redesign of the contemporary Colonial Scimitar bomber in service at the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. In order to carry out the craft's designated role as a Marine close-air-support gunship, the craft is equipped with a full suite of ECM countermeasures to counter anti-air assets and light armor capable of defeating most small arms fire.

In addition to the craft's chin-mounted six-barreled 30mm cannon for close-air-support straffing and ground suppression, the Scimitar-CAS is capable of carrying an wide assortment of laser-guided and radiant-emission homing missiles as well as free-drop ordnance for point attack against ground targets.

As a Raptor derivative, Scimitar-CAS is capable of transatmospheric flight (though transit into an atmosphere from orbit with ordnance slung to external hardpoints is not recommended) and has an onboard FTL drive in order to facilitate rapid tactical strikes and use of the craft in a reconnaissance role.

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