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The Columbia-class battleship was a Colonial Warship that was active within the Colonial Reserve Fleet and The Remnant Fleet after the Second Cylon War. Known as the precursor to modern battlestars, the Columbia-class battleship was put into service twelve years before the First Cylon War.

Columbia-class battleships became mainstays within the poorer Colonies' fleets. Tauron and Sagittaron were two prime examples of Colonies that used the Columbia-class battleships in their space navies. When the First Cylon War broke out and the Colonies that utilized the Centurion Model 005 Cylons and Mark I Basestars, such as Caprica and Picon, found themselves without a capable space navy to defend themselves. This led to increased demand for the Columbia-class battleships and, eventually, the Galactica-class battlestars, which were direct ancestors of the Columbia-class battleship. After the war, however, these ships were already twenty four years old and considered heavily outdated. They were put into the Reserve Fleet and mostly forgotten. Nemesis was one of three Columbia-class battleships in the Reserve Fleet before the Second Cylon War.

The battleship has an armament of twenty eight heavy anti-ship dual mounted turrets and two hundred and eighty six point defense weapons. Sixteen of her anti-ship turrets are mounted on either side of the ship class as to inflict serious broadside damage. Can hold 60 Vipers and has a maximum crew complement of 5,230 (numerous crew due to the class's large dependency on manual systems).

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