Combatstar Brychon Type

Combatstar Proteus at the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

The Colonial Combatstar Proteus is a late-war era Brychon Class Light Battlestar/Combatstar developed the final years of the First Cylon War.

Although a carrier capable of operating as part of the Colonial Fleet's main battle line, Combatstars are differentiated from their larger brethren by having less overall endurance as they lack the extensive fuel, ammunition and provision storage facilities of a full Battlestar.

Concieved as a 'cheaper' alternative to a full Battlestar, Combatstars entered service in order to increase the number of overall combat assets available to meet Cylon attacks. Over time, and most especially following the Armistice, their roled evolved as they became employed as a complementary escort to the larger vessels and as a dedicated patrol vessel along the rim of Colonial territory opposite of Cylon space.

As a smaller vessel in the Colonial TO&E, a Combatstar is typically commanded by a senior Major, or more often a Colonel in the Colonial military.

Fall of the Twelve Colonies

At the time of the Cylon attack, the Combatstar Proteus had just arrived at the Colonial Fleet Reclamation and Reserve Maintenance Depot in orbit of Sagittaron. The timing proved fortuitous. As the Cylon attack tore through the Colonies, encountering little to no appreciable resistance, Depot Director Paul Bess made preparations to evactuate his personnel as well as a large community of civilians to several of the decommissioned ships in orbit. While most of the vessels pressed into service for his effort had nothing in the way of armaments, Proteus was still capable of defensive operations since her weapon emplacements had not yet been removed. Under the command of Major Amanda Tyle, Proteus was tasked to act as the sole protector for the escapees and remained the only combat-capable asset available to the refugees during the early stages of the Cylon attack.

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