Combatstar Protector Type

Combatstar Savitri at the time of Fall of the Twelve Colonies

The Colonial Combatstar Savitri is a post-war design based upon the older Protector Class Light Battlestar/Combatstar employed during the First Cylon War. Although a carrier capable of operating as part of the Colonial Fleet's main battle line, Combatstars are differentiated from their larger brethren by having less overall endurance as they lack the extensive fuel, ammunition and provision storage facilities of a full Battlestar.

Concieved as a 'cheaper' alternative to a full Battlestar, Combatstars have seen their place evolve as both a complement escort to the larger vessels and as a dedicated patrol vessel along the rim of Colonial territory opposite of Cylon space . Furthermore, Combatstars are often used as carrier qualification training vessels for nugget Viper, Raptor and shuttle pilots.

As a smaller vessel in the Colonial TO&E, a Combatstar is typically commanded by a senior Major, or more often a Colonel in the Colonial military.

Fall of the Twelve Colonies

At the time of the Cylon attack, the Savitri was conducting flight qualification training near Rhapsody Station. As news of the attack reached the Savitri and Rhapsody Station, the overall theater commander, Admiral Karee Rhonas denied repeated requests from Savitri's CO, Colonel Brianna Webber, to take the lone Combatstar into the conflict zone. As the situation grew increasingly grim, Admiral Rhonas began preparations to abandon the static Rhapsody Station and began moving personnel, supplies and aircraft over to the Savitri and several nearby military freighters. The decision to do so was punctuated by the arrival of a Cylon force which was able to disable the Savitri by way of the compromised Command Navigational Program.

As the Cylons pressed their attack on the helpless Combatstar and the station, the Gunstars Enceladus, Adroa and Ikenga arrived and launched a counter-attack that forced the Cylons to retreat. With time bought by the action, Savitri's systems were restored and the evacuation of Rhapsody continued.

Before all the personnel from Rhapsody could be safely transferred, another Cylon strike force arrived and resumed their attack. Under orders from Admiral Rhonas, the Colonial vessels withdrew from the area as the station itself came under fire and was destroyed.

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