Johnathan Barnes Edit

"I'm not a Marine any more. That is past me, I have a duty to my race... Our race. As Colonial Officers we have the duty to protect our race Humans. As Galactica's crew we serve her as we serve ourselves..." -Barnes

Early Life Edit

Johnathan Barnes was born to Rear Admiral Douglas Barnes and his wife General Lucy Barnes. As a child he was often the one that would be sent to stay with close family while his parents where at meetings or out at war. He often would think that some one is following him. He often described the person as "A buitiful white woman that has blonde hair and always wears the same dress, I don't know if she is there or not, but I think she may just be in my head," As he continued on with life his father began to influence him to go into the Military. At the age of Fifteen he was sent to Miltiary School were he was taught how to be a upstanding Military Officer

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