The Curtiss P-37 is a series of prototype fighters hastily converted to be put out into the field by the Army Air Corps. Featuring an inline turbo supercharged engine, the P-37 has the look of the newer P-40s despite being based on the Curtiss Hawk and having essentially the same airframe. With the cockpit moved back to balance the aircraft, pilot visibility on the ground is non-existant.

It has improved aerodynamics and acceleration on the pursuit fighters that came before it, is quick and sturdy. Armed with four machine guns; spaced together and carried in the wings, it has good firepower and enough ammunition to allow the pilot lots of shots. Turning is sluggish though it has racing lines and as such appears, rather deceptively, nimble. Its large size and solid construction means it can take some punishment though and still hang in the sky. Not expected to see widespread service, its development has been hastenned to put out a small number for the Army Air Corps while attention switches to the P-40.

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