The Cyclone Class Destroyer is a Cylon Warship.
Cyclone Class Destroyer

Cyclone Class Destroyer


Developed in respone to the weakness of the Hades Class Basestar.


It equipped not with raiders but does carries Heavy Raider Mark I (original the Mark VIII Raiders). It equiiped with engine instead of the normal gravity drive to increase moveability.

It arms with four heavy duty forward fixed railguns. Along with four anti-ship turrets running on it top side and two on the bottom. It carries missile both facing forward, and to the side. It carries 18 anti-fighter/anti-missile railguns on top and 18 bottom in the head section. With another 24 anti-fighter/anti-missile railguns on top and bottom in the middle section.

Four of the craft survived and now operation under the commanding of Cyrus.


Image is created by CanisD.

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