Imperial Cylon Marine Corps (ICMC-II)
Imperial Cylon (WSG) 0016
Affiliation: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Commanding Navy/Military: Imperial Colonial Fleet
Capitol City: New Caprica City, New Caprica City, Mars
Unit of Currency: None
Central/Main Species: Cylon (Humanoid & Cybernetic)
Current Members/Soldiers: Varies (depending on military situation)

The Imperial Cylon Marine Corps, or Cylon Marines as there commonly known by the general public, Or ICMC-II as they are termed by Imperial Military are the central automated defense force of the Imperial Colonial Fleet. The Cylon marines act as the Empires central peacekeeping force on or in planets or combat zones where the atmospheric conditions are far too dangerous or poisonous for any organic life form to withstand.

History Edit

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