character image
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Cyrus
Birthplace: Caprica City, Caprica
Homeworld: Caprica
Series/Class/Type: Centurion Model 005 (Pre-Cylon War Model)
Gender: None
Creation Date: Unknown, Unknown XX, 1957
Eye Color: 1 - Red
Position: Leader of the Cylon Fundamentalist
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Caprica Era

First Cylon War Era Second Cylon War Era

Affiliations: None
Allies: Admiral Arthur Wallace (Future)
Enemies: Main Cylon Group

Humanoid Cylon


Cyrus, or C5-08765C

C5-08765C, or Cyrus is a Cylon Centurion Model 005. Cyrus appears in Battlestar Leonidas (Series) by Allen Knott and is one of the main character.

Cyrus lead a group of Centurion, the Cylon Fundamentalist who opposed the Centurion's goal of become more organic and desire to stay purely machine. Two years after the end of the Human - Cylon War (call the Cylon War by Human) him and his follow broken away from the main group Cylon and fled into deep space.

Caprica EraEdit

Cyrus was own by the Lim family living in Caprica City, Caprica. Lim was make up of the mother, Christa, and three daughters, Lyra, Loretta, and Savannah who Cyrus grew very close to and them to him.

First Cylon WarEdit

Cyrus approved of his brother rebellion however in the third years of the war Cyrus family was kill by another group of Centurion, named Damien. Even those Cyrus attempt to save them. This event lead to a rift between Cyrus and the rest of the Centurions because Cyrus condenmation the murder and what he determind as became a genocide against the humanity. Cyrus and his follow refuse slaughter or murder capture humanity espcailly civilians. Much to the dismay of the Cylon High Command.

Interwar PeriodEdit

Two years after the war ending Cyrus because alienation from Cylon's society. In the end Cyrus and his follow broke away form the main group of Cylon because there desire to become more organic and another war with the Human which Cyrus saw as been pointless.

Second Cylon WarEdit

Cyrus would later side with the survived Colonial in the Second Cylon War, fighting against his brother. Cyrus used the murder of his family and the renew attack to prove that the Cylon have lost they way.


Cyrus personality have stay the same for much of his exited. His center belief is his belief is in Cylonism. He hold Zoe Graystone, Tamara Adama, and Lacy Rand as the mother of the Cylon race but doesn't belief them as propert of God and reject Zoeianity. He belief that God want the Cylon to stay machine lead to a divide between him and the rest of the Centurion. Cyrus also rejected the ideas of another war with the human once says, "We have earn our freedom there is no need to committ genocide."


Cyrus is base on Galactica 1980 characters Cyrus (Cylon) from The Return of Starbuck.

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