Sergeant Major Darrell Tank Robinson is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas. He is a Colonial Marine and the head of Admiral Arthur Wallace's Marine Guard Detial. He is also one of Arthur most turst men.

Darrell Robinson (A)

Darrell, commonly goes by Tank instead.


Tank is the middle of the three Robinson brothers. Tank like Arthur was born on Aquaria, twenty - five years before Operation Homecoming.

Tank and his two brother was born in one of the poorest areas of Aquaria.

Tank believe in Arthur's and Operation Downfall. He is also the close to Arthur in term of friendship, often referense to him as his best friend. He is marry to his childhood sweethear, Janet but don't have any children yet. He is very protect of his family, which he include Arthur and Arthur's family.

Tank is also of the the large Marine, standing at 6'3" and weighting 325 lbs. Normally someone of his size wouldn't be allow in the Marine but Stryker got it wavies, feeling Arthur needed Tank with him. Because of this Tank, have service on every Battlestar with Arthur, include the Valkyrie.


Darrell "Tank' Robinson is base on Larry Allen, former Dallas Cowboys Offensive Linemen.

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