Dayna Baby Girl Jaymes is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas. She is the executive officer of the Battlestar Raven and best friend of the commanding officer Summer Ballerina (D8).


Dayna Jaymes was born on Caprica twenty before operation homecoming. She gradauted from Caprica Military Academy (Abry Military Academy) at only the age of sixteen. She graduated from Picon Fleet Acadmey at the age of 19. As an Ensign she is assign to the Battlestar Solaria till it decomissioning and then assign to the Battlestar Pacfica till it decomissioning. During her time on the Solaria she started a relationship with Arthur Wallace (D8). Because of the relationship and her intelligence she quick move of the rank and is already a Colonel by the age of twenty. After the decomissioning of the Pacifica she is transfer to the Stealth Battlestar Raven and promoted to the rank of Colonel.

Even those she was in a relationship with Arthur she didnt find out about Operation Downfall till one night she was looking thought Arthur's office. After being discover by Arthur; she was force to make a tough decision stay loyal to Arthur or loyal to the Colonial Government/Fleet. She decision to stay loyal to Arthur and to prove that she is loyal to him, she seduce, a male members of Admiral Peter Corman's staff and learn of Operation Pedestal. Making copies of the file, she then delivary them to Vice Admiral Andrew, who them delivary to Arthur; who learn of what she had been doing.

After reading some of the files that Arthur had in his posses she start to be convince that Arthur is right and the Colonial Government should be destroyed however she wish their was a better way than a military coup de'tat.

She is a less than a month away from her 21th birthday when the Cylon attack take place.

Dayna is also a fan of working out. She workout at least one a day for at least one hour. She once forget to take off her make-up before working out; result in a lot of laughter and tease from the men in the gym. She attend the gym, Heart of a Warrior, located in Caprica City.

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