&nbsp DeAndre Trevino is a member of the Basileus crime syndicate and is one of the people responsible for the personal security of Carl Tolan. He first appears in the Global Defense story 'Out of Town Visitors'. He also appears in the story 'Devil You Know' and is mentioned in 'Thrill Week'.

Trevino is thirty-five years old when he appears in 'Out of Town Visitors' and is one of the two men with Carl Tolan when the leader of the Basileus is out for a late-night drink at the King Erik Tavern in Caprica City.

When Tolan decides to eliminate Saranna Preece, Maurice Gordon, Jack Bowman, Claire Ratliff, and Christopher England he places Trevino in charge of the operation.

Scott Tolan's older brother, Andrew, would be a casualty of a power grab by Trevino. The attempted power grab had an unfortunate effect on Carl Tolan, it had served to drive the founder of the Basileus further into a depression that he would not come out of. Trevino had been one of Carl Tolan's most trusted lieutenants, and had been placed in charge of the Basileus' operations out of the Anthedon province where Scythia Beach was located at. Despite the terrible depression that Trevino's betrayal brought upon him, Tolan kept his mental sharpness in place long enough to exact a terrible retribution against those who had plotted against him and had taken the life of his grandson. Trevino would be the last of the casualties of Tolan's vengeance and the one who would die the most painful death.

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