(This article covers Delphi as it is described and mentioned in works of Fan Fiction and not canon)

Delphi is one of the 2 central cities located on the Colony of Caprica at the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Delphi is Capricas central military hub and the planets main producer of combat research and manufacturing. In terms of size
Delphi at dusk

Delphi at Dusk

and population it is second only to Caprica City itself.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Jack Bowman and Emma Bowman lived in Delphi with their son Archibald Bowman for over eight years before they moved back to Caprica City. Archibald later returned to the city when he married and had a son of his own. He lived there until a few years before his death in Oasis.

Both Artimus Bowman and Brooke Garner hail from the metropolis. They met in the Delphi Public Library eight years before 'The Fall' and they eventually settled into an apartment there. Brooke was in Delphi when the bombing of the Colony by the Cylons began and she managed to escape aboard a freighter.

Delphi Metropolitan Police ConstabularyEdit

Delphi Police Car

Delphi Police Car (Circa 65 BTF)

Like all major cities Delphi has a Police force. The Delphi Metropolitan Police Constabulary is responsible for enforcing the laws of the city. The rank structure is different to most cities. Whereas other cities such as Caprica City have Police Officers, Delphi has Police Constables. Jack Bowman was a Police Constable in Delphi for over eight years before he joined the G.D.D.

The Blue Rose KillingsEdit

64 years before 'The Fall', Delphi was the scene of a series of violent attacks against the Police Officers of the Delphi Metropolitan Police Force. One of those killed was officer Joshua Markinson.

(For the main article regarding these murders Click Here.)


Delphi has an Intercolonial Spaceport that handles spacecraft travelling to loacations throughout the Twelve Colonies. There is also a railway and Maglev system that links it to other towns and cities including Caprica City. Like all major cities there is an extensive highway network leadin in and out of the city limits.

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