Delphi Class Escort is a class of warship that service during the Cylon war.


Coming into service at the same time as the Apollo Class Escort. The Delphi Class Escort, was a common sight in the time before the Cylon War. It size, speed, and armorment make it perfect for anti-pirate duties.

However when the Cylon War broke out the Delphi and it sister ship was presses into front line duties. However after the development of the Battlestar, the Delphi return to their escort roles.

The leadship, the Delphi was destroyed, three months into the Cylon War, while protecting a group of civilian ships.

List of ShipsEdit

Delphi: Destroyed


Delphi Class Escort

Delphi Class Escort


Images was created by CanisD and modified by Allen Knott.

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