Delphi Class Escort Battlestar

Delphi Class Escort Battlestar

During the Cylon War, when only the twelve Columbia Class Battlestars, eleven Achilles Class Battlestar and six previous experimental Battlestars were in service, the administration of President Alexander J. Dallas authorized the emergency conversion of twelve Valen Class Light Cruiser into Escort Battlestars. These twelve ships would become known as the Delphi Class Escort Battlestars. Seven of these battlestars, the Delphi, Coronis, Etain, Glorious, Mycenae, Queenstown, and Rodney

were lost in action during the Cylon War. Four of the five remain ships, the Altair, Nereus, Rhodes, and Samar served for a period of time after the war but were ultimately decommissioned and scrapped. The only ship to have survived both the war and the cutter's torch was the Escort Battlestar Gladiator. For some time the Gldaiator served as a training ship and support battlestar until time and technology passed the Cylon War veteran by. The time came finally to decommission the veteran battlestar. Since that time the Gladiator has been berthed at the Scorpia Reserve Shipyard located in orbit around the colony of Scorpia. The Colonial Fleet Bureau of Ships recently offered the Gladiator for sale to be scrapped. A preservation group from the colony of Tauron put in a bid to save the Gladiator for a museum ship and memorial to those lost during the Cylon War. It is the same ships as Delphi Class Light Battlestar (D5) but is classification is a Escort Battlestar not a Light Battlestar.

List of Known DelphiEdit

Delphi: EBT - 1: Destroyed - Cylon War

Altair: EBST - 2: Decommissioning - Scrapped

Coronis: EBST - 3: Destroyed - Cylon War

Etain: EBST - 4: Destroyed - Cylon War

Gladiator: EBST - 5: Destroyed - Cylon War

Glorious: EBST - 6: Destroyed - Cylon War

Mycenae: EBST - 7: Destroyed - Cylon War

Nereus: EBST - 8: Decommissioning - Museum Ship

Queenstown: EBST - 9: Destroyed - Cylon War

Rhodes: EBST - 10: Decommissioning - Scrapped

Rodney: ESBT - 11: Destroyed - Cylon War

Samar: EBST - 12: Decommissioning - Scrappad


Images was created by braden1986 and taking from his deviantart accouting.

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