Dirk Umbra, better known as 'Starbuck' throughout the refugee fleet is a Colonial Aviator and ace who flies the Viper. If he doesn't owe you money over a Triad hand, you owe him. Smooth talking, fast flying and hard drinking; Starbuck is the poster boy Viper pilot with the highest 'victory tally' in the fleet... though he doesn't keep count or make claims, his kills are awarded to him based on review of his gun camera footabe or compiling the observation of witnesses. He's far happier claiming the number of bottles of ambrosia he got through the night before.

He is a natural pilot who doesn't believe he's flying unless he's stunting. He makes the Viper do things it wasn't designed to, flies it to the edge of its envelope and some say bends physics to achieve that sweet firing solution. He's a Lieutenant in Colonials 'Warrior' Wing and leads a squadron when not 'hunting' solo.


"If I'm not smoking a cigar, drinking ambrosia, eyeing a pretty girl and losing cubits for the sake of it then I'm not living- and what's the point of fighting the Cylons day in day out if you aren't having the best time of it you can have? You could be dead tomorrow. I'll be happy to fly onto the next world knowing I lived to the fullest and only left behind a Triad debt."

- Ready Room banter

"The Viper- it speaks to me. I don't know why others can't understand what its saying... other pilots here the engine and think its a beautiful noise but I hear it and it tells me what its going to do; where I should point it, its always trying to work for me. I ain't no idiot savant, I just whisper and Viper does what I want it to."

- Flight Deck banter

"There's no secret. I'm good looking enough sure. But I don't take myself seriously, I'm willing to get shot down looking for thrills and I smile. That's why your girl was happy to dance with me and I felt happy enough to kiss her."

- Overheard before an unscheduled trip to the Sickbay


Starbuck flies a Viper with strengthened wings and armour plates (behind the pilot in the cockpit) removed. It has a lighter loaded weight than most Vipers. Scheme is green and brown top and white underside with red spinners and nose. It displays the Colonial Seal on its wings.

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