Donte Solis

Donte Solis

Donte Solis is a characters from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious (Series).


Donte is a former businessman who have become sick of the Colonial lifestyle. Donte created the anarchism a group who wanted to overthrow the Colonial government and the Admiralty in orders to created a better Colonial society. Donte also had a conversation with an Colonial Officers that led to the created of the Praetorium an group who think that the currently Admiralty is doing a poor job of fighting the Cylon and protecting the civilians.

As Volume Four he is on the run from both the Colonial Fleet and a newly formed Ministry of Intelligence group headed by Mitchell Cain. His goals have now changed to the overthrow of the civilian government along with getting rid of the Admiralty. He has set up operations on the Olympica, where he keeps a low profile under a currently unknown alias.

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