Dwarf Star Class Light Colony Ship

Unit type:

Light Long-Range Colony Ship


New United Nations Government


Various Three Star, Midas, and Vulcan Class Factory Ships


1195 Meters Long
525 Meters Wide


OT-P12 Propulsion System
OT-HSF8 Hyperspace Fold System


OTEC Mark-11 Reaction Heat-Pile System


Forty Inches of Neocarbon Steel Armor
XS-3A Pin-Point Barrier System


70 x OTEC ATL-33 Laser CIWS Cannons

Hanger Compliment:

60 x Variable Fighters
20 x Support Craft

Crew Compliment:

925 Crew
6,000 Colonists

The Dwarf Star Class Light Colony Ships where developed due to the need to expand a colony fleet's population when the main colony ship reached the limited of its endurance. Several of these small colony ships would be produced by the Colony Fleets of the New United Nations Goverment.

- Taken from NUNG Ships and Support Craft

Technical and Historical Notes Edit

The new Dwarf Star Class Light Long-Range Colony Ship was independently developed by the Megaroad-06 Colony Fleet when their population grew over the limits of the Megaroad-06 Colony Ship to support it. Therefore they needed some way to expand their colony; therefore the new Dwarf Star Class would be introduced to answer this need.

The ship would be heavily based on the tried and proven Stellar Whale Class Passenger Cruise Liner due to the design being easy to modify for the needs of a Colony Ship and the ease of manufacture with deployed Factory Ships. The designers would simply enlarge the ship slightly to make room for a ‘Macross’ Type IV City Section and a ‘Green Leaf’ Type II Agriculture Section. When the design was finished it would be passed along the Galaxy Network to other deployed Colony Fleets.

Overall the design sported the facilities and infrastructure to support a maximum population of six thousand people. However the ship is not designed for long-term independent operations due to lack of facilities to keep it self-sufficient. Therefore the Dwarf Star needs the facilities and such provided by the Colony Fleet to keep itself operating long term.

Thanks to the introduction of this design the older Megaroad and New Macross Class Colony Fleets where able to expand their fleet if needed. Overtime several of these ships would be built and deployed by the various fleets as they continued on roaming the galaxy.

Notable Ships and Crew Edit

Megaroad-09 Colony Fleet Ship Andromeda (Captain Vincent LaSalle) Edit

[Information Has Been Redacted from File]

Miscellaneous Information Edit

Variants/Subclasses Edit

  • Stellar Nova Class Long-Duration Housing Ship, a ship designed for the comfort of families of the various deployed UN Spacy Fleets. Allows the families of the Spacy personal to live along comfortably alongside the Spacy Fleet.
  • Star Whale Class Long-Range Migration Ship, a new expanded ship design introduced in the late fifties based on the Dwarf Star for new Migration Fleet.
  • Star Ark Class Long Range Colony Ship, a design introduced by the Colonial Remnant Fleet to carry their people and based on the New United Nation Government built Dwarf Star Class.

Design Notes Edit

Based on the Stellar Whale Class Passenger Ship seen briefly in the Macross Plus series. Figured the Colony Fleets would need a ship capable of expanding the fleet population if needed.

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