Emma Bowman
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Caprica City
Home Colony: Caprica
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 98 BTF
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Rank: Civilian
Spouse(s): Jack Bowman
Children: Archibald Bowman
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: N/A
Cybernetic Systems: Holoband
Chronological & Political Information
Affiliations: Caprican
Enemies: S.T.O.

Emma Bowman (neé Rose) is a character in the Global Defense Series set in the D5 Fanon Mulitverse. She is the wife of Jack Bowman and mother of Archibald Bowman .


Emma attended the same High School as Jack Bowman and Jordan Duram . The three of them were firm friends but eventually Emma and Jordan began more intimate relationship. At first things remained good between the three of them but when Jordan began to be more demanding of her she found herself moving closer to Jack. This caused jealousy with Jordan who lashed out at Jack and forced Emma to chose between him and and Jack.

She initially chose Jordan because they were already in a relationship but as things became worse she decided to leave him and resume her friendship with Jack. Despite the stigma that surrounded it the two of them eventually began a relationship and three years later they were married. Shortly after, she gave birth to their son Archibald Bowman.

When Jack joined the GDD and was transferred back to Caprica City the two of them were forced to try and work out their differences with Jordan Duram who was now Jack’s superior. Jordan had married and had his own children but the hostility between the he and Jack remained for a long time and Emma felt she was to blame.


With Jack becoming a Police Officer in Delphi, Emma looked for work there and eventually found employment working as a barmaid before rising up to become a manager. When she fell pregnant Jack insisted she leave her job fearing that she might get hurt by a drunk patron although she thought he were prejudiced by his job.

After the birth of Archibald Bowman, Emma stayed home to be a full time mother until Archibald was in school. During that time Jack had become a GDD Agent and had transferred back to Caprica City. She resumed employment as a Hotel Manageress, a job she reveled in.

Home LifeEdit

Emma finds it difficult being the wife of a G.D.D. Agent. Jack’s job has no set working hours which means that one day he could be home almost all day while the next he may be gone all day. This has put a strain on their marriage especially after the Maglev Train 23 bombing.

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