Eurylade is a modified Tiger Class Strikestar, that appears in Battlestar Leonidas.

The Eurylade (D8); a modified Tiger Class Strikestar.

It is baes on Wilkybarbid's Eurylade (D5)


It is first mention in Volume 2 chapter 3 and will appears in Volume 3. The Eurylade is a modified Tiger Class Strikestar having four more gun turrent than a normal members of it class. It also had a very small crews make up of thirty crewmen and thirty Special Force Operator. The SFO are members of Zeta Force that had been recruit by the Ministy of Intelligence.

Eurylade’s CrewEdit

Major Keene Barron (Commanding Officer)

Captain Heather Goodhead (Executive Officer)

Lieutenant Carlos Gravina (Third Officer)

Lieutenant John Furse (Tactical Officer/Fourth Officer)

Chad Teuton (Communications Officer)

Joseph Marshall

Armen Chertavian

Paula McElwain

Lina Balaconis

Robert Alistair

Louis Cassani

Duke Lorentson (Marine/Explosives Expert)

Monica Astrid (Chief Medical Officer)

Nia Imani

Aiko Makoto

David Crawford III (Chef)

Rae Arison

Kelly Cardenal

Martín Teibel

Samuel Tucker

Stephen Cassin

Elizabeth Trenholm

Christy Riley (Nurse)

James Jarvis (Helmsmen/shuttle and Raptor pilots)

John Hazelwood

Jacob Jones

Gustavus Conyngham

Andrew Sterett

Madison Gray

Lloyd Allen (Herm Officer)

Plus thirty Zeta SFO.

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