Faraji Hasdrubal

Admiral Faraji Hasdrubal

Faraji Hasdrubal is a supporting characters from Battlestar Leonidas (series)


Born on Scorpia, seventy - four years before Operation Homecoming. At the time of the Cylon attack, he is the senior most Admiral left in the Fleet and third in overall command. Faraji missed the first six years of the Cylon War because he attend University of Caprica and Caprican Law allowed those in College, are pursited their Ph D. Faraji didn't actural join the miltary till 46 BOH, and saw minium to no combat. Because his father George Hasdrubal used his political connect to kept him at a safe posted. His father George is a bussiness man and Major of Celeste City; while his mother Emily, was school teacher before getting marriage.

Faraj is a only children. However him and his husband, Bradley have one daughter Nikki, and two sons, George and Brad Jr together using a surrogacy. Him and Brad has begin together since the ends of the Cylon War.

Volume OneEdit

Chapter Two - 30 days BOH: Admiral Hasdrubal talk with Admiral Corman before sending Rear Admiral Edward on a patrol mission to Malta Station in The Erebus Belt.

Volume ThreeEdit

Chapter Ten - 1 day BOH: Faragi appeared during the debrief by himself and several other Admirals about the events going on include the missing ships.

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