Viper equipped Squadron

Fighter Squadron SIX NINE, also known as the Sirens is a Colonial Fleet Viper squadron assigned to the Air Wing serving aboard Battlestar Pacifica. Their wireless callsign is "Venus"

The force numbers twenty Mark II Vipers with 28 Officers and some 190 enlisted personnel in strength. It flies in the standard Colonial scheme with a red band along the wings, engines and stabaliser but also allows individual nose-art to be painted on too. Its mission is primarily interdiction, but is also called upon to do armed reconnaissance and close air support.

The Sirens were one of the first Viper Squadrons created for the unified Colonial Fleet, as opposed to being an existing colonial Squadron re-designated upon organization into the Fleet. The Vipers for the squadron were purshased through public subscription and all paid for by August Monday; a wealthy, eccentric and sexist heiress from Virgon. While donors would choose an appropriate name for the Viper they had funded, which would then be applied to the engine cowling; Monday went more than a few steps further and demanded that the Squadron her paid for Vipers went to be all female flyers. While the Fleet declined the arrangement it later acquiesced for the well connected heiress and assembled an all female starting roster, expecting composition to change in the field. Since then though the Squadron has taken only female fighter pilots and is somewhat famous for the fact. It is considered an elite unit and is respected firstly for its sublime performance as convoy escorts for huge supply fleets moving between Alpha-Beta and Delta-Gamma.

Notable PilotsEdit

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