planet image
Ancient Name: Gemini
Star System Type: Cyrannus Star System, Helios Alpha Orbit
Affiliation: United Colonies of Kobol
Primary Lifeforms: Human
Population: 2.8 billion
Planetary Perameters

Gemenon is a settled planet in the Cyrannus Star System orbitting around Helios Alpha and taking Hera as it's Patron Goddess.


The first colony of humanity in the Cyrannus System, Gemenon lives with that title though its name tells of its status as a twin world to Caprica. The two planets share an orbit and revolve around a centre of gravity, taking 28.2 days. A world of varying, harsh climates featuring frozen plateaus and searing deserts, has made life difficult for its inhabitants and contributes to the perception of Gemenon as an economically disadvantaged world. The Pustiu Desert, Spatiu Gol Plateau and Gramada Mountains being impressive but unforgiving natural wonders to visitors and natives.

The Gemenese are considered very knowledgeable about their own religon and familiar with most other faith traditions in known space. The Kobol Colleges are a place of higher learning on the world, specialising in religous education and instruction. The Colony's history though has been dominated by sectarian conflicts- with Gemenon the home, or founding place, of several major religons. The Gemenese are considered a tough people because of this long, fraught history and also due to their strict, literal interpretations of the Sacred Scrolls.

While officially a Republic, a Guardian Council designed to handle moral issues dominates local politics and is supported by a House of Councillors that assist in the administration of the Colony, and implementation of the Council's moral rulings. Old Gemenese is the Official Language of the world and though still in use it has lost most active speakers to Caprican. Major cities include the capital Oranu and Illumini; a city of the Gods built around a pantheon and temple square that are dedicated to the worship of all the Lords of Kobol. The architecture of most major buildings on Gemenon is imposing, and to the eyes of other Colonials having a distinctly relgious styling. Local Pyramid franchises include the Gemenon Twins and Illumini Vipers who have particularly fanatic supporters.

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