Gespard Rawlings

Gespard Rawlings (born 33 years before the Cylon War) is a deeply religous man from Gemenon who studied at the Kobol Colleges before leaving to the fringes of known space and the 'Red Line'. Not a priest or brother, but a man looking for meaning in his life, he found himself at the fringer settlement of Portobelo where he currently resides and feels he makes a difference for others.

He is a jovial and hospitable man, debt ridden, but also a skilled administrator and has found valued employement as the 'dockmaster' of the settlement while servicing the interest on the sum he owes. Simple living for the most part, a teetotaller who's only excesses involve 'rate of loss of cubits' and women (or as close to), he leads faith services and speaks regularly at community gatherings about the values his neighbours should hold onto, and those they can put aside for the time being. When he has enough cubits on hand he'll hire the services of Farren Hespara and her ship, see the stars up close. He was at one time a monotheist but now is again respectful of all the Gods.


A large, heavy figure not accustomed to too much sweat-work; he is more comfortable using his mind and his brain has a lot of grunt and runs well. He dresses neatly but sometimes isn't well groomed (he tends to shave only once a month) and not particularly interested in his own appearance. He has ideas of how a good life can be lived and is more than happy to advise others on the subject, this does not mean he is conventionally moral and rather funnily first deduces what is acceptable within his scenario then resolves it with whatever godly reference he can source. His ethics and confidence in them are appreciated by his neighbours, who rely on his 'deciding vote' for tough decisions. He is almost always seen with his rosary and worry beads, and has a habit of muttering prayers to himself.

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