Gianne Nash (nee Lalonde) is a characters from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious (Series). She is base on the canon characters name Gianne

Gianne was Lee Adama's fiancé on Caprica. Soon before the cylon attack Gianne informed Adama that she was pregnant with his child. Adama's own issues with his father over his brother death made the idea of fatherhood apparently frightening, so he pushed her away and ran. She stormed off because he wouldn't commit, and Adama failed to contact her again before he left on his assignment to the decommissioning ceremony on Galactica.

Before Adama could change his mind, the Twelve Colonies were overrun by the Cylons. Gianne, and Adama's unborn child, is presumed dead by Lee. However Gianne survived the attack and was pick up by the Battlestar Victorious. She had since then married Tim Nash and taken his last name. She still desires, if they find Galactica, for Lee to be in her child's life, something that causes conflict between her and Tim.


Gianne is a canon characters, however neither her currently last name or maiden name is canon. Her maiden name is base on the real actress's last name, that play her in the episode Black Market.

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